WOMBAT - David Jukes

Nickname:  Wombat
Reason:   Not sure I want to comment but we all
know the shape of a Wombat right? 

Zwift Course:  Watopia Volcano Flat
Music/Band:  TBA
IRL Bicycle: TBA
Years Cycling: TBA

Began on Zwift: TBA
Why do you Cycle?:  TBA

David became hooked on Zwift in 2015 when there was only the Watopia course. He soon started racing on Zwift and enjoyed it so much he decided to try road racing in real life. He is a currently a member of ACT Veterans and Vikings Cycling Clubs.

David is into 'Everesting' and recently rode 348km's on Zwift in one day, needless to say David is our 'Long Distance' Ride Leader. David leads our 'CENTURION 100' ride each month on the Watopia Volcano and also Thursday morning Sunrise.

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