WALLACE - Clive Oates

Nickname:  WALLACE

Reason: I'm a tea drinking, cheese eating bloke with a strong resemblance to the guy with the dog. I have been known to scream "we're at maximum speed Gromit" Married to Wendolene Ramsbottom.


Zwift Course:  Greater London Flat

Music/Band:  Polymuse / Rise Against

IRL Bicycle: 2014 Giant TCR TDF

Years Cycling: Like since I was 3yo. Stabilisers came off about 4yo.

Began on Zwift: 2017. Took 2 years to do my free 30km!! Got a smart trainer in late 2019 and felt the hook.

Why do you Cycle?:  Get away from Wendolene and have some "me time". Burn some calories to allow me to eat more Wensleydale.

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