Tempus Fugit

SAS - Tempus Fugit

SATURDAY - 45km - 7.30am

Go to Spotify, Search User: TedBaker132

The Playlist of the day will be announced
By the Ride Leader in the start pen.

Please note: only Premium Spotify users
Lists will play in the same order as the Ride
Leaders. Make sure you have ‘Random Play’
Switched to off. Rock On !



New Riders try and stay mid-pack for an easier ride, if you get

dropped you’re on your own as we have NO SWEEPERS!



2.5w/kg Average

This figure may vary for you personally depending on your weight.

This is something to aim for.

Approx. 35-40km/h
We generally average 38-39km/hr in the bunch

NO SWEEPERS as THE FENCE will be switched ON @ 2 seconds distance.

If you get dropped, come back next week and try again!




SATURDAY ’Tempus Fugit' - 45km - 7.30am
45km Flat Ride on Tempus Fugit Loop ideal for newer riders.


This ride will average around 2.5 w/kg and is totally flat spinning the entire ride, there are NO SPRINTS so its great for recovery.



ABOUT SAS Cycle Club
SAS Cycle Club began Sprinting and Racing on Zwift in 2016, We are based in Australia and run a great selection of rides to suit most riding styles, we have a collection of rides each week and a fantastic group of experienced Ride Leaders.

Website:  www.sascycleclub.com
FB Group:  www.saszwift.com
Instagram: @sascycleclubcom

If you wish to join the SAS Race Team, go to Zwftpower.com and register, just simply add 'Saints and Spinners CC' into the team area and you are good to go. 
SAS Team Link here: https://www.zwiftpower.com/team.php?id=1348

We Spin, We Grin !


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