SWEENEY TODD - Alex Sweeney

Zwift Course:  Watopia Sand & Sequoias or Richmond UCI course – both have a bit of everything (but not tooooooo much climbing!)
Music/Band:  Bit of everything – U2, Pearl Jam, Specials, Clash, Pixies, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Paul Kelly, The Waifs etc etc
IRL Bicycle: S-Works
Years Cycling: 30+

Began on Zwift: About 2-3 years ago – steadily getting frustrated by crazy Sydney drivers and rubbish roads – and early mornings!!! Zwift means I can get most of my riding done at night and get more sleep!!!
Why do you Cycle?:  Fun – and the bike is the best bit of a triathlon – no better way to see the world around you!

Started riding as a kid with mates on the country lanes around Hampshire in the UK as a way of exploring and keeping fit for other sports! Moved to Australia and still kept pottering around – and then had a mid-life crisis and decided to enter an Ironman – followed promptly by learning to swim (I’m a pom after all)! From there, one thing led to another, one bike led to another and I found myself taking training and riding a bit more seriously… then our little bub arrived in July 2019 and I’ve started taking training and riding a LOT LESS seriously!

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