Spin and Sprint

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Spin and Sprint

Monday & Wednesday 5.45am


Monday - Richmond (Fan Flats) 40km
Wednesday - Greater London 41km

Each Lap there is a 300m, use your power-ups!


2.0 - 3.0 w/kg

2.5 Average

This figure may vary for you personally
depending on your weight.


Approx. 35-40km/h
We generally average 38-39km/hr in the bunch

Please follow the Ride Leaders instructions, As this is a Group Ride, finishing more than 30s ahead of the Ride Leader will result in a 'FLYER DQ' tag in Zwiftpower.



About - SAS Cycle Club

SAS Cycle Club began Sprinting and Racing on Zwift in 2015, We are based in Australia and run a great selection of rides to suit most riding styles, we have a collection of rides each week and a fantastic group of experienced Ride Leaders.


Website: www.sascycleclub.com

FB Group: www.saszwift.com

Instagram: @sascycleclubcom

SAS Store: www.sascc.store



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