SLOTH - Gavin Richards

Nickname:  Sloth
Reason:   Because he's SLOW...

Zwift Course:  Watopia Volcano Flat
Music/Band:  ABBA (this may be a wind up!)
IRL Bicycle: Argon 18
Years Cycling: 5+
Why do you Cycle?:  

Gav is an SAS Admin and helps run the Group with Badger.  He bought his first road bike in 2013 and fell in love with riding outdoors. This led him into Triathlon competition.  Recently he ditched the swimming and running to spend more time being Daddy, Builder, Home renovator, Zwifter and Cyclist... Gavin is also a Liverpool FC fan.

Gavin is currently in Hibernation for Winter but occasionally does a morning ride, He is extremely slow..... hence the nickname 'SLOTH' although he has been doing FTP training and is much much faster now!

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