SAS - Name History

Where did the name come from?

FACT: The SAS abbreviation came from a character who starred in the 1980's British TV show 'The Professionals'

Just about every kid watched this tv show in the 80's, 'Bodie' (Lewis Collins) was an ex-SAS Soldier in the show, this is where the idea came from.













The Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit of the British Army which began in 1941. Their Motto is 'WHO DARES WINS' originally we had the idea for our motto to be 'WHO SPRINTS WINS' but out of respect to deceased soldiers chose not to use it.

The first SAS Cycle Club logo featured The BADger and had 'est. 1968' at the bottom and the abbreviation SAS stood for 'SPIN and SPRINT'.


For 2yrs SAS ran hundreds of Sprint and Race events on Zwift but in 2019 we changed direction moving towards longer distance rides and changed the SAS Abbreviation to: 'Saints and Spinners'.

We Spin - We Grin


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