SAS Cycle Club officially began riding as a club on Zwift in 2016 as 'SPIN and SPRINT'. Badger had started a few months before that and enjoyed the fact that he could ride at anytime, It didn't matter what was going on outside with the weather, what season it was or even what time of day, he could ride 24/7 if he wanted to!

Riding around Jarvis Island and eventually Watopia was fantastic but as the saying goes 'Its always a Race' Badger & Co. wanted to race. In the early days of SAS Ride Leaders Barry Stevens and Lyle Reynolds challenged each other with Sprint times both through the Italian Village and also in reverse. Eventually London, Richmond, Yorkshire and many other courses would come along and after 2 years of Sprinting and racing SAS took a change of direction in early 2019 moving to longer distance flatter rides. This attracted more riders and within months it wasn't unusual for SAS rides to attract over 300 riders to a single ride.

SAS now known as 'SAINTS and SPINNERS' continues to grow (old) at a rapid pace with over 2600 members on the Facebook Group alone. The past 5yrs on Zwift have been a game changer and the thought of what's to come is very exciting indeed.

Sir Badger

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