RULE #1 - The Badger can't win his own race.
RULE #3 - Rule #1 doesn't apply if you follow Rule #2.
RULE #4 - Rule #1 Doesn't apply on Mondays
RULE #5 - No Beacon, No Rules

The One Legged Sprint: We often joke about Sprinting with only one leg, we are of course kidding... or are we?

'Dacking The Badger' - Thats either beating The Badger in a Sprint or Race Finish, if on the other hand you get beaten by The Badger... then you have been 'Dacked by The Badger'.

We once had a rider do a 'Face plant' (pic left) whilst leaving the pier area at the start of the Race, never did find out who it was though?

Bazza & Badger eat Pies and Chiko Rolls for Lunch...
Barry 'PIES' Stevens gets his sprinting power from eating a Pie with Sauce for lunch. The Badger often jokes about eating a 'Chiko Roll' for lunch before a big Sprint... Its so far from the truth! 

The FAMOUS RED 'BADGER BUCKET' (pictured above) is at the centre of a lot of SAS Sprinting jokes, it emphasizes RULE #2 - DONT GIVE UP UNTIL YOU THROW UP...


At SAS we're not known for climbing hills in fact... just the suggestion of Hill repeats makes us sweat... 

We also seem to have issues when riding IRL with Magpies. For those not in Australia a Magpie is a Black and White Bird  who becomes highly aggressive during breeding season from late August to early - mid October, and will swoop and sometimes attack passersby especially Cyclists...

(L to R) The SMUG Magpie - Marty Moose being attacked (red arrow) - Peta with her eye poked out... (we are joking of course)