RATT - Matt Johnson

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Nickname:  Ratt
Reason:   Because it rhymes with Matt...

Zwift Course:  Watopia Volcano Flat
IRL Bicycle: GIANT
Years Cycling: 5+

Began on Zwift: TBA
Why do you Cycle?:  

Matt began cycling at 29 to get fit. (he was 106 kgs but now 80-ish kg's) He rode by himself for a year, he tried racing and was hooked after the first race. Matt is very competitive!


He started Zwifting just after the beta testing was done and is now a self confessed Zwiftaholic, he has just ticked over 25,000 Zwift kms. Most of his cycling is done inside now with the occasional local bunch ride, club race and representing SAS at the 12 hr Endure for a Cure ride which in 2018 he finished 1st with an astounding 337km in a day!