PIES - Barry Stevens

Nickname:  Pies
Reason:   Because he is partial to a Pie or three

Zwift Course:  Watopia Volcano Flat
Music/Band:  Music Inept
IRL Bicycle: Pinarello Marvel
Years Cycling: 3+

Began on Zwift: 2016
Why do you Cycle?:  So I can eat more Pies !

Barry was once an all-weather, outdoors recreational rider who mocked and ridiculed those who rode indoors… After a small crash, where he should have just hardened up, he used the crash as an excuse to purchase a wahoo kickr and signed up to Zwift. 


Since then he hasn’t ventured out of the garage and is as white as a pasty Englishman. Oh and he loves a good pie.  Barry leads 'Pi + Sauce' Monday Nights.

Barry runs  www.domestique.nz  Give him a buzz if you are in NZ and need to Hire or Buy a Trainer!

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