Join our Race Team

Joining our SASCC RACE TEAM is relatively easy but if you follow these steps below, its really simple!

Go to,  If you dont have an account just create one. You need to 'Link your Strava account to Zwiftpower', to do this you will need your 'Zwift ID'. Details below on how to locate your Zwift ID.


FINDING YOUR ZWIFT ID on PC/MAC for linking Zwiftpower to your Strava Account.

Your Zwift ID can be found in the desktop version of Zwift by going to Documents->Zwift- >CP. The sub-folder user**** contains your ID. Your ID will be a 6 digit number like this 654321.

Go to:
To link find your Zwift ID in IOS (Apple iPhone, iPad) 



STEP 1: Click on the Blue Dropdown Arrow.
STEP 2: Click on 'PROFILE'

STEP 3: Click on the Green Dropdown Arrow.

STEP 4: Type SASCC into the TEAM section.

STEP 5: Hit the UPDATE button and you are good to go!

Welcome to the SASCC RACE TEAM !