How to Install Zwift

Installing Zwift is simple, The program/app is available for PC, Mac and IOS. When you are just starting out its a bit confusing as there are a few Apps associated with the Zwift platform.

Zwift for IOS

  • On your iPhone, Go to the 'App Store and search 'Zwift'

  • Choose and install the app pictured to the left.

  • There should be a FREE 7 day trial.

Zwift Mobile Link

The Zwift Mobile​ Link is an awesome App, its where you can find out which events are on and plan your weeks training.

  • On your iPhone go to the App store and search 'Zwift'

  • Choose 'Zwift Mobile Link' pictured left

  • Install the App.

Zwift - PC or Mac

  • Click on Download link to go directly to Zwift page.

  • Choose PC or Mac.

  • There will be a FREE 7 day trial.