SAS - Fush & Chups

SAS Fush & Chips  is a 44.6km ride with 334 metres of climbing. It encompasses the original Watopia Classic KOM and also the Volcano climb and is ridden on the Buffalo Bikes so everyone is equal. The fence will be switched off for the climbs and there will be a re-group at the top.



ABOUT SAS Cycle Club

SAS Cycle Club began Sprinting and Racing on Zwift in 2015, We are based in Australia and run a great selection of rides to suit most riding styles, we have a collection of rides each week and a fantastic group of experienced Ride Leaders.

Website: www.sascycleclub.com
FB Group: www.saszwift.com
Instagram: @sascycleclubcom

If you wish to join the SAS Race Team, go to Zwiftpower.com and register, just simply add 'SAS Cycle Club' into the team area and you are good to go. 
SAS Team Link here: https://www.zwiftpower.com/team.php?id=1348

Ride On!