Nickname:  TBA
Reason:   TBA (we're working on it)

Zwift Course:  London / Richmond Flat
Music/Band:  Disney OST (Lol, a full hard drive in car because of kids
IRL Bicycle: Colnago and maybe a Canyon soon
Years Cycling: 4 years

Began on Zwift: January 2017

Why do you Cycle?:  first began just taking kids in trailer and started loving to cycle more, IRL did 2 years road race and 2 years cyclocross race. Now is just a weekend warrior to mess around in my IRL Saturday group ride and support friends and junior racers and help them to get ready to race.

I like to Zwift as much as I can if I can find opportunity and spare time (night due to work schedule).
ERIC currently runs our SAS SUB 2.5 Tuesday Arvo Flats Ride.

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