'CENTURION' is a 100km long distance SAS group ride held on the first
Thursday each month at 6pm (AEST), 25 Laps of Watopia Volcano which
will help you gain the ‘ON FIRE’ Zwift achievement.

This ride is a mid intensity paced SAS Training ride, We aim to ride

between 2.0-3.5 w/kg.

‘CENTURION’ will conclude with a Race Finish which will begin at a Mystery point determined by the Ride Leader, this will be in the final 2km’s of the ride. A Photo will be taken at the RACE START and if you are ahead of the Beacon (Ride Leader) at this point you will be automatically DQ’d from the results.


Course: ‘Watopia’ Volcano CCW


Distance:  1 x 6.6km Lap + 24 x 4.0km Laps = 102kms (25 Laps)

SAS Tag: Please add "SAS" (in Brackets) + your Racing Grade A,B,C or D to your name. This helps to identify you as part of our group and to be included in the Sprint results on Zwiftpower.com     


eg: John Smith (SAS) A this can be done in the menu section prior to beginning the ride.

SASCC Race Team members please use  (SASCC) A


Power: 2.0-3.5 w/kg (Max 3.0 Uphill)


SAS Crew: Colin, David, Matt, Peta, Angela, Glenn, Barry, Lyle, Geoff & Dave.


Bike: Choose any bike except the ‘TT’ bike as this doesn’t allow for drafting. Zwift has levels that you achieve with the more riding you do. The higher the level, the better the bike.


Kit: Team Type 1


A few ‘DO’ notes:
Do join in the banter and remember to enjoy yourself!

Do stick with the ride pace and follow the ride leaders’ instructions.

Do your best to stay with the pack, it will make your ride easier.

Ride On…