SAS Cycle Club began on 12th December 2016 with the idea of creating an online Cycle Club specifically for sprinting and racing using the Zwift App. The club was founded by lifetime competitive cyclist Colin Brown.

Born in Yorkshire UK, Colin began competing in BMX shortly after arriving in Sydney in the mid 1970's, he progressed onto a road bike a few years later and raced with Macarthur Collegians Cycling Club for over 30yrs. Today he is a member of RCC (Rapha Cycle Club) as well as running SAS Cycle Club online.

Colin has a genuine passion for bicycles and in his spare time rebuilds old road bikes. Helping those in need is also a passion of Colin's, he volunteers on the event committee of Children's Cancer Institute, helping to organise the 'Endure For A Cure' Bicycle Event which occurs each year at Sydney Motorsport Park.

SAS began with 'Oz Recovery Ride' each Friday, today SAS runs many rides per week and cater for all types of riders from beginners through to A Graders.


The Macarthur resident is the founder of the SAS (Spin and Sprint Cycle Club), which in a matter of just 10 months has grown to more than 400 members worldwide.

The club allows cyclists to race against one another without ever leaving the home, through an innovative app.  The app – zwift.com – sees riders modify their bikes so they can train inside by connecting to a smart trainer and a computer, where their progress is mapped virtually on screen.

The success of the SAS Cycle Club has seen the growth of a strong, dedicated community – 24 of whom will be getting together in real life to ride for a good cause this month.

Mr Brown said it was amazing to see something he started in his home grow to help sick kids.

“We’re raising money for the Children’s Cancer Institute, which I’m on the event committee of, in the Endure for a Cure 12hr race,” he said.

“So far we’re already raised $26,650 – and that was with an original goal of $10,000. We passed $10,000 in the first week.”

SAS members are spread across the world and cyclists from as far and wide as the US and Japan have chipped into money to sponsor their Aussie peers.

Mr Brown said the SAS group was all about “having a laugh” and challenging one another.

“We’ve got one lady in the group who is a widow with three young kids and just doesn’t have the time to leave the house,” he said. “When she first started she said, ‘I just can’t keep up with everyone’, but she’s kept at it and recently she messaged me after a morning ride and said ‘I kept up with everyone today’.

“You don’t know what’s going on in anyone else’s life and to bring everyone together like this is really incredible.”

Mr Brown said another member had serious anxiety and struggled to enter social settings, but had found a place to thrive in the SAS club.

The former Macarthur Cycling Club rider also said racing virtually was a safer way to enjoy the sport of cycling. “I haven’t ridden on the road since 1994, when I saw a couple of guys in front of me get killed,” he said. “I don’t think bikes and roads are a good mix. “Indoor training is a much safer way to go about it and there’s a lot less potential risk.”

Mr Brown said anyone interested in donating to the team’s Endure for a Cure race should visit the event’s website and search ‘Spin and Sprint Cycle Club’.

Virtual Cycling - for a cure

OCTOBER 4 2017 - 4:15PM

by Jess Layt

Col Brown cycles hundreds of kilometres a week but his bike never leaves the house.



OCTOBER 24 2017 - 5:15PM

Riders raise more than $30k

by Jess Layt

Thumbs up: Col Brown can't wait to do it all again with the Spin and Sprint

team next year on May the Fourth, 'Star Wars' Day.


A group of cyclists spearheaded by Campbelltown’s Col Brown raised more than $30,000 for sick kids in an event at Sydney Motorsport Park at the weekend.

The Spin and Sprint Cycle Team – who race virtually on modified stationary bikes indoors – met up in real life to take part in the 12-hour Endure for a Cure event on Saturday.

Mr Brown said the 23-strong team was supported by their sponsor Nick Holden, who brought a DeLorean car (as featured in Back to the Future) along to entertain the kids.

“Even Matt Cooper from the St George Dragons hopped in to have his photo taken,” Mr Brown said.

“Although we had torrential rain for the majority of the day spirits were high and apart from one minor spill on the slippery track there were no injuries.”