Bangers & Mash - 6.30am Thursdays

SAS 'Spin and Sprint' was the original SAS event that began in January 2016,

it consisted of 3 Laps around the London Classique course. Each Lap we Sprinted like crazy for the Green Jersey (optional) followed by a re-group after the Start/Finish Banner.

We've changed the name but the ride is the same...

3 Laps, 3 Sprints, 1 Race Winner . . .

The fence will be switched on at 2s and switched off during the Sprint down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace. Each lap is 5.4km so you have good recovery time between each Sprint, this makes for a great 'Intervals' Style workout. W/kg can vary from 2.0 on the Flats Spinning and as high as 15+w/kg in the Sprints.

The Ride Leader will give tips on how to correctly time your Sprint for a PB,

All Power-ups are allowed and we will have both a Male and Female Winner.



ABOUT SAS Cycle Club

SAS Cycle Club began Sprinting and Racing on Zwift in 2015, We are based in Australia and run a great selection of rides to suit most riding styles, we have a collection of rides each week and a fantastic group of experienced Ride Leaders.

FB Group:
Instagram: @sascycleclubcom

If you wish to join the SAS Race Team, go to and register, just simply add 'SAS Cycle Club' into the team area and you are good to go. 
SAS Team Link here:

Ride On!


2016 Original SAS Sprint Video - London