Badger Blast

Tuesdays or Thursdays @ 6.00pm - ‘SAS Badger Blast  (Ride/Race Finish)

RIDE LEADER: Col 'Badger' Brown
DISTANCE: 1 Lap x 15.1km
W/KG: 2.0-15.0

Rules:  The Race will begin at a mystery point in the last 3km’s of the Ride, there will be ample notice given, once there is less than 3km’s to go ALL Riders must be behind the Yellow Beacon in preparation for the Race Start. A Photo will be taken upon the Race Start and any Rider ahead of the Yellow Beacon at this point will be disqualified.

No TT Bikes
Power-Ups Allowed

HRM must be worn for Top 10 placing, if you finish in the top 10 and are NOT wearing a Heart Rate Monitor you will be given a 300 second penalty in Zwiftpower.

SAS Website:


Facebook Group:

SAS Crew: Colin, David, Matt, Peta, Angela, Barry, Lyle, Geoff, Dave, Patrick & Jason.

Time/Distance: 1 Lap + Race Finish

W/Kg: 1.5-2.5 (3.0 on hills + higher in Sprints)


We Spinneth, We Sprinteth & We Taketh the Pith…

Ride On!
Colin Brown