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Welcome to SAS Cycle Club, We are passionate about Cycling, whether indoors on smart trainers or outdoors braving the elements, there is nothing that replaces time in the saddle!


SAS Cycle Club began group rides and races on Zwift in 2016, We run a great selection of rides each week from Beginners to A-Grade. Come and join 'Sir Badger' and the SAS Crew for some banter while you train...

Love Badger...


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Mick Saved by the Missus

April 02, 2020

Our SAS Team mate Mick Styles had a Cardiac Arrest last Friday night after a Race on Zwift, He was dead for 20mins but saved by his wife Leonie who worked on him until the Ambos arrived and got the jumper leads onto him. Mick had 2 stents fitted and is now doing well. Please send Mick a message and let's cheer him up! We all knew he was a tough bugger but this episode proves it. 
Take care mate #SASLove

Badger 🦡

SAS Scratch n Sniff Stickers

March 31, 2020

Available for one day only!


Lachy 'LumberJack' enters SAS Hall of Fame

March 26, 2020

We are proud to announce that on this 27th day of March 2020, Lachlan Spencer is being inducted into the hallowed halls of SAS Fame for his SAS Community spirit and random acts of kindness.

Welcome to the SAS Elite LUMBERJACK! #24


March 16, 2020

Given the unprecedented situation we’re all facing as a result of COVID-19 and as of 16th March the government declaring all non-essential gatherings of over 500 people being banned, we wanted to inform you, CCI have made the difficult decision to Re-Schedule this years event. CCI have been in communication with Sydney Motor Sport Park and have managed to snag the only available Friday left for the year, the 16th October, 2020.

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