3 Beers - Lyle Reynolds


Nickname:  3 Beers
Reason:   Lyle once joked after winning an SAS Sprint

that he'd had three beers before the ride.

Zwift Course:  Watopia Volcano Flat
Music/Band:  TBA
IRL Bicycle: TBA
Years Cycling: TBA

Began on Zwift: TBA
Why do you Cycle?:  TBA

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.02.21 pm.png

Lyle lives in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Bought his first road bike in 1979 and started racing on the road and triathalons. He has raced on and off since then.


About 4 years ago he crashed hard in a local criterium separating his shoulder and breaking a few bones. He joined zwift for indoor rehab during their beta on Jarvis island and has been enjoying it since.

Lyle is one of SAS' top sprinters and acquired the nickname "3 BEERS' after winning an SAS Sprint and mentioning he'd had 3 Beers before it and still won.