SASCC 'Race Team' - Club Sprint Records 2018

Club Sprint Records below are updated on a regular basis, these are from 'Spin and Sprint' event only. Vol-Keirin, Pi + Sauce & Badger Blast are not included.


Only SASCC Race Team Members will be in the Records,


If you leave the SAS Race Team you will be removed from Championship accordingly.  


If you have a Sprint time that is missing send the pic and we will add it for you, No pic, No inclusion. 


All competitors MUST wear a HRM from 1st January 2018 going forward.

Club Sprint Champion points are awarded as follows:

1st = 20pts, 2nd = 15pts, 3rd = 10pts, 4th = 5pts,
5th = 4pts, 6th = 3pts, 7-10th = 2pts, 10th> = 1pt.