Sir Badger - Colin Cooper

Nickname:  Sir Badger

Zwift Course:  Sand and Sequoias
Music/Band:  Audiobooks & Podcasts

TV/Movie: BBC Earth / Enter the Dragon
IRL Bicycle: Which One?
Years Cycling: 45+

Began on Zwift: 2015
Why do you Cycle?:  Its the best feeling...

Founder of SAS Cycle Club, began racing BMX in the late 70's, competed in Track, Mtn Bike, Criterium & Club Road Championships for over 35yrs. Badger is a member of RCC, a certified 'Les Mills' & Martial Arts Instructor.

A keen supporter of 'Childrens Cancer Institute' he is on the event committee of their 12hr bicycle ride. SAS have competed since 2017. Badger also enters SAS into the 'Great Cycle Challenge' each year.  He is passionate about helping the Homeless and Childrens Cancer Research.



T’was the week after Christmas and SMUG-Pie was beat,
Rapha Festive 500, eight days in the seat.

SMUG-Cat stared as she came through the door
The cat felt orphaned, not loved anymore.

Clickety Clack went her cleats down the hall
Missing the sales down at Bourke Street Mall.


Over at Wombats not a sound could be heard,
Whilst BADger ate toast and Lemon Curd.


No Canyon Aeroad made Sloth a sad man
He began to surmise, Christmas could be a sham?


As Ratty Matt tried on his new cycling cap,
The baby’d stopped crying through Watopia Flat.


Whilst Queen Bee was searching for honey to eat,
3 Beers was tipsy and off of his feet.


Gopher Dave paid to join Salt and Sham
Another late show for Ghengis McGahan


Whilst James spun some vinyl and blasted The Cure
Barry competed in a local Randonneur


And that just leaves Glenn who has no nickname.
The SAS Crew are totally to blame.


Now we can look forward to SAS 760
Trying to rhyme that would be rather risky


SMUG-Pie has gone on her yearly vacay
SMUG-cat is turning their tree into hay.


The trusty two Daves, Wombat and Gopher
Are sat on their saddle’s, instead of the sofa.


Sloth’s watching football ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’
Whilst Glenn and James ride themselves to the bone.


Ghengis is Sprinting on the LaGuardia Course
Barry is eating a meat pie with sauce


Stateside 3 Beers scoffs the last bits of ham
Queen Bee trains to join Canyon SRAM


And that just leaves BADger and you know what he’s like
Spends more time on Facebook instead of the bike


Now Christmas is over for another year
From all at SAS, have a Zwifting New Year !


© C o p y r i g h t  2 0 1 8 - s a s c y c l e c l u b