Nickname:  HOPPOPOTAMUS 'HOPPO' for short!
Reason:   His surname may give it away?

Zwift Course:  Richmond Flat
Music/Band:  Mozart to Motorhead.
Like heavy rock when cycling. Also 80's

IRL Bicycle: Custom made Speigel
Years Cycling: 20+ years

Began on Zwift: November 2016
Why do you Cycle?:  I like pain.

Chris leads the SAS ULTRA 200km ride every Sunday afternoon at 4.00pm (AEDT), the ride is approx. 5hrs and averages over 3 watts per kilo, basically not for the faint of heart.
The ride is on a Flat Course and has numbers of over 100 riders most weekends, finishers on the other hand are usually much less.
In the month of February 2019 Chris rode 160km's for 10 days in a row (1600km's) to raise Money for World Bicycle Relief, an outstanding effort by the Ultra Marathon World Champion.

Chris rides on Zwift with 3R (WBR) and also hosts our SAS ULTRA 200km ride weekly.

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